Mizuno is dedicated to assisting every athlete as they journey through the world of sports. With the constant desire to innovate and contribute to society through the advancement of sporting goods, we aim to continuously build a brand that resonates with our key values and objectives.

Value the moments and trust the process
A strong belief that a passion for sports, no matter the level, encourages everyone to push their limits and be a better version of themselves formed the spirit of Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno in 1906 when they founded the brand and is why we continue to focus on the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports worldwide. Breaking the barriers with our philosophy and brand values for more than 100 years we have embodied our message into our brand slogan “Reach Beyond”.

Our brand slogan is derived from our five brand values: Trustworthy, Innovative, Performance, Inspiring and Passionate. Reaching for what you do not have now, the slogan incorporates our powerful philosophy with our brand values, to motivate and support athletes on a journey towards their goals and beyond.


Push the limits
As history isn’t made in a day, we constantly strive for excellence, to do our best in not only providing the best for athletes but also provide for individuals who have often sacrificed to truly understand what it takes to be a better version of themselves. Exceed your goals no matter the circumstances, there is no limit to what you can achieve. #Reachbeyond